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SEO Article Writing Service

If you’re seeking an SEO article writing service, Serpmatic is an excellent option. We are an SEO writing agency that allows businesses to buy SEO content for their websites. We always produce high-quality content that can rank on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Learn more below:

SEO Friendly Content Writing Services

SEO content is specific writing that aims to rank on Google searches for particular keywords. As a result, website SEO content targets one or more keywords per article. Businesses need website content to rank for keywords and bring in new customers online. However, a shortage of quality SEO writing services makes publishing content difficult.

SEO Articles

Serpmatic writes SEO articles that target informational keywords. Our word counts range from 800 to 2,500, depending on your preferences. Sometimes the goal of SEO articles is to generate backlinks for your website and transfer the link equity to other website pages. However, a business should never publish content with no objective, as failure to target keywords or topics results in ghost URLs that limit SEO potential.

SEO Blog Posts

Blog posts are much like SEO articles; they typically target informational queries. Users who read your blog posts are not likely interested in buying your services immediately but may become customers later on. In marketing terms, these readers are at the top of the sales funnel, where goals like brand awareness and user engagement are more important than sales.

SEO Service Pages

SEO service pages target transactional keywords or (buyer intent) terms and phrases. Sometimes these phrases are known as having commercial intent. However, you define the words, the purpose of these keywords is to make people buy something, whether it’s a service, product, or otherwise. Serpmatic understands how to produce SEO service pages for conversion and rankings, which typically require lower word counts.

Content Examples

  • How To Get Locksmith Leads in 2024

    How To Get Locksmith Leads in 2024

    In the following guide, Serpmatic will outline the best methods, ideas, and strategies to get locksmith leads in 2024. Lead Generation Basics for Locksmiths Locksmiths can buy leads from 3rd party vendors, but the best way to secure quality leads is by generating them yourself. Yes, locksmiths can purchase leads from a lead broker, but……

  • Dumpster Rental SEO: The Complete Guide to Ranking Online

    What is Dumpster Rental SEO? Dumpster rental SEO refers to implementing search engine optimization strategies specifically tailored to the dumpster rental industry.  It involves optimizing websites and online content related to dumpster rental services to improve their impressions on Google and various other search engines. Dumpster rental SEO aims to increase online visibility, attract targeted……

  • SEO for Event Planners (The Ultimate Guide)

    SEO for event planners can generate more leads for your event planning business in 2023. Unlike other promotional platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, organic search produces sustainable, low-cost leads. Of course, you can only benefit from organic search if you rank on page one for various keywords. What is Event Planner SEO? SEO……

The #1 SEO Writing Agency

Serpmatic has been writing SEO content for 10+ years and understands the standards for ranking on Google. The key is creating high-quality content that speaks to both the reader and the search engine. Unfortunately, most content marketing agencies provide low-quality content that fails to perform.

SEO Friendly Content Writing Services

Serpmatic is committed to SEO-friendly content writing services with the goal of ranking the content on page one of Google. But, of course, off-site SEO factors also influence a content’s ability to rank. For example, websites with solid backlinks often see articles rank faster and more quickly.

Website SEO Content Services

An article’s SEO value coincides with website authority. As a result, any business purchasing content for their company must also invest in a website. The purpose of website SEO content services is to use an article as a ranking mechanism for the website. Also, high-quality articles can help earn backlinks to your website.

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If you want to buy SEO content, fill out the form below. Our prices vary by content type, but you can get an SEO article for as little as $75. Of course, if you seek bulk content options, the price per article decreases significantly.