Security Guard SEO Guide (Patrol, Watchmen, etc.)

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Security Guard SEO Guide (Patrol, Watchmen, etc.)

Security Guard SEO

What is Security Guard SEO?

Security Guard SEO is a method of marketing your security guard business online through Google search results. SEO requires on-site optimization, content writing, off-site link building, and local listings optimization. When a company appears on search results, it gets more leads.

Why Should Security Professionals Care?

Every business owner wants to get more leads from any source that can provide them. Google happens to be one of the greatest sources for quality lead generation in the security industry. When a person, place, or entity needs security for their event or outing, they may consult with Google’s search engine to find the person they are looking for. If you appear, you may be the choice.

What are The Elements of Security SEO?

There are 5 main elements of SEO in 2020:

On-page SEO

When people talk about SEO they are usually talking specifically about on-page SEO. On-page optimization involves tasks like keyword insertion, title tag optimization, meta description optimization, image alt text optimization, and other on-page tasks. That’s why people have mistakenly formed the perception that SEO can be applied once and then forgotten about.

Link Building

Link building is a controversial word in the SEO industry. You need links in order for Google to acknowledge your website but too many bad links can also get your site penalized. In an ideal world, websites will link to your pages naturally after you create high-quality content that is worth sharing. But many SEO professionals use other tactics to create links which can be dangerous.

Technical SEO

The more intricate part of SEO is technical optimization. To perform Technical SEO you will need a software called Screaming Frog and someone familiar with website codebase. Screaming Frog crawls your website and its URLs to find inconsistencies and possible issues. Other aspects of Technical SEO include site speed, schema markup, 301 redirects, and more.

Content Marketing

Even with strong on-page SEO, local SEO, and technical SEO, your security guard site cannot rank without content marketing. The basis of content marketing is content writing. You need to write quality content on your web pages to make sure Google perceives the page as indexable. But most of all, you need to ensure readers will find the content easy to consume and navigate.

Local SEO

Google My Business is one of the best lead capturing devices on the web. When a local user searches for security guards near me they are presented with a Local 3-Pack that showcases 3 relevant businesses based on proximity, prominence, and relevance to the search result and their searching location. You can enhance your prominence and relevance through NAP citations.

Security Guard Local SEO Map Pack

Should Security Guards Even Bother With Digital Marketing?

There are probably thousands of security guards who have asked this very question. And if 999 of them decide that the answer is no, it creates a great opportunity for you and your business. Since security SEO is not as competitive as other niches, it becomes fairly easy to dominate the search results in your local area. All you have to do is follow the simple steps outlined above and hope for the best. You really have nothing to lose since you aren’t investing much money.

Security Guard Digital Marketing

What About My Security Guard Website?

These days, websites can be made without coding experience. You can use a website builder like Duda to drag and drop elements including logos, photos, call to actions, and more . It’s never been easier to build a website. With that said, many security guards would rather someone do the work for them. You can hire a web designer or content marketer to make sure your site is properly optimized. A lot of this stuff can be done yourself, but the fact is it takes time, and it may be time you just don’t have right now.

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