The 2022 SEO Guide for Plumbers

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The 2022 SEO Guide for Plumbers

Plumber SEO

SEO for plumbers is something every plumbing company should invest in in 2022. At Serpmatic, we like to help small businesses thrive online, and SEO is the best route to success. However, plumbers should not take our word for it and instead look at the data supporting its effectiveness. But before we get into how successful SEO can be for plumbing contractors, let’s look at what it consists of in its modern form.

What is Plumber SEO?

Plumber SEO is a process of optimizing a plumbing company website or listing using various tactics proven to influence search engine rankings. Some of the most common tactics include content marketing, keyword placement, and Google My Business optimization.

The Primary Components of Plumbing SEO in 2022

SEO is an evolving process that became prominent in the early 2000s when Google first emerged as the primary search engine. Other search engines like Yahoo were also popular at the time, and businesses started investing in organic clicks that could bring new business to their companies. Since ranking on Google and other search engines is free, business owners could make a substantial ROI by appearing as a top result. However, SEO was much easier back then and required less knowledge and expertise. Things have changed in the past decade-plus, but some of the primary SEO components remain the same, albeit far more challenging to execute because of increased competition and a more sophisticated algorithm that filters out spam and trickery.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the most basic form of search engine optimization and involves inserting title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords. Most website builders like WordPress come with plugins that make on-page SEO more straightforward than ever to insert. You can use a plugin like RankMath to type in your title tags, meta descriptions, and target keywords. While on-page optimization is easier to execute, it’s harder to make an impact in 2022. There is more competition for plumbing keywords and more plumbers investing in professional SEO services.

Keyword Research

Finding the right target keywords is the key (no pun intended) to plumber SEO success in 2022. You can use SEO tools like MOZ Keyword Explorer, SEMRush, and AHRefs to identify the best keywords based on search volume, competition, and other metrics. One of the ways keyword research has changed is that intent is more important than ever. Plumbers should look for keywords that possess buyer intent, meaning the search engine user intends to buy a service when typing in the query. An example of a buyer intent keyword is emergency plumbing repair services. Conversely, informational intent queries like how to repair a septic tank do not help generate new customers in most cases.

Google My Business

For local plumbers, many organic clicks come from Google Maps or what is known as The Local Map 3-Pack. Ranking within the Google Map 3-Pack requires a different strategy than ranking a website on traditional search results. Additionally, Google uses an entirely different algorithm for Map 3-Pack rankings. The good news is that plumbing companies can claim a Google My Business listing for free and begin ranking in the Map 3-Pack. The local algorithm bases rankings on proximity, relevance, and prominence, one of which plumbers have no control over. Proximity uses your company address to deliver results based on the searcher’s location. However, plumbing contractors can influence relevance and prominence by fully completing their GMB profile and generating Google reviews.

Content Marketing

Ranking your plumbing company website requires you to write content pages for each service or pay a marketing company to write them on your behalf. The best plumbing websites have pages for each service they offer because that creates the most Google rankings. Good content is grammatically correct, informative, and optimized with natural keyword placements. Some plumber websites also publish blog posts shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While blog posts can be less valuable because they target informational keywords rather than their buyer intent counterparts, they can serve indirect benefits by garnering inbound links and social media engagement.

Off-Page SEO / Link Building

SEO companies like to complicate the process using interchangeable terms for link building, off-page SEO, and local SEO. In reality, each of these concepts does overlap with one another, but SEO experts refer to link building in most cases. You can build links through directories, social media platforms, and other free 3rd party platforms. However, these off-page citations are typically nofollow links, which means that Google views them as a ranking hint rather than a substantial ranking factor. 

In contrast, dofollow links emerge when a 3rd party web admin voluntarily cites a link as a reference within their article or page. Generating these links requires plumbers to create high-quality content through blog posts or create a recognizable brand that other companies will want to reference online. Consider real estate agents, different home services niches in the same area, and local chambers of commerce as link opportunities.

Website Design

With Google’s recent Core Web Vitals update, web admins are paying more attention to their website performance, but plumbers should have been investing in their website to begin with. A fast website with clean user navigation contributes to search engine optimization. Yes, Google prefers to rank websites that provide the best user experience since their users expect top-notch results. The more you can satisfy Google’s users, the more you help the search engine itself. Consider investing in an SEO company that also offers website design so that you can maximize your SEO performance in 2022. Aside from obvious factors like user navigation and site speed, robust web design also consists of tactful calls-to-action, unique photos, and strategically placed logos. 

Where Can Plumbers Buy Plumbing SEO Services?

Get in touch with Serpmatic, who can direct you to the best possible SEO company for plumbers. You also have the option to perform plumbing SEO services yourself. While most business owners don’t have time to implement all aspects of SEO, they can certainly claim their Google My Business page and launch a simple website. Having an essential online presence is better than not having one at all. While investing more in marketing is a recommended path for most plumbers, Serpmatic aims to equip every plumbing company with the knowledge to establish their company online and compete for leads in their local service areas.