How To Get Locksmith Leads in 2024

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How To Get Locksmith Leads in 2024

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In the following guide, Serpmatic will outline the best methods, ideas, and strategies to get locksmith leads in 2024.

Lead Generation Basics for Locksmiths

Locksmiths can buy leads from 3rd party vendors, but the best way to secure quality leads is by generating them yourself.

Yes, locksmiths can purchase leads from a lead broker, but those leads are not the best available on the web.

Instead, the best leads are awarded to contractors or companies that appear on Google search in the Local Map Pack or in organic search results.

There are multiple areas on a search engine results page (SERP) from where leads originate.

Local Map Pack

Perhaps the most effective lead-gen spot for locksmiths is the local map pack. It is a group of 3 business profiles that appear on SERPs for specific keywords.

For example, when someone searches for a locksmith near me on Google, three businesses will appear in the map pack.

The listings shown will vary by the searcher’s location, but generally speaking, the locksmiths with the best reviews and strongest Google Business Profile appear at the top and earn the most clicks.

Organic Results

The list of 10 web pages on a Google SERP is known as traditional organic results. They appear beneath the map pack as well as PPC ads but still earn a large percentage of user clicks.

The reason why people still scroll down to organic results is that they can find out more information through the site’s title tag and meta description.

An additional factor is the typical Google user’s distrust of paid advertising. They find organic results more reliable overall.

Featured Snippets

Locksmiths can appear above organic results and even map results with featured snippets. A featured snippet is earned through quality content published on your company website.

The content should answer a frequently asked question by consumers in your industry. For example, are locksmiths 24/7?

Would be the header, and the body content would answer that question in the subsequent text. Most featured snippets are between 40-50 words.

Locksmith Lead Generation

Pay Per Sale Locksmith

You can invest in a pay-per-sale (PPS), pay-per-call (PPCall), or pay-per-lead (PPL) arrangement, which means you only pay when your company receives a lead or closes a sale.

These agreements have mixed results. Some find them helpful, while others complain about the quality of leads. There aren’t that many services out there that provide PPS. PPL and PPCall are more common

Locksmith Advertising

Investing in ads is a chance for locksmiths to generate leads online. You can use Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Facebook Ads, or YouTube Ads.

Each has its pros and cons for service industries. Locksmiths are often solicited on-demand, which makes Google Ads very intriguing.

A consumer who is going to take action immediately is more likely to search Google than to wait to see an ad on Facebook or YouTube.

Keep in mind, however, that many users still skip over PPC ads and move to the highest-ranking organic results. 

Locksmith Advertising Ideas

Running ads can be a creative process. The best ads create a sense of urgency for the user. They also convert them at a high rate.

Creating urgency stems from incentivizing the consumer to take action. You might run a limited-time offer that urges the user to act now.

As for conversion, a high-quality landing page helps the most. When the user reaches the page, they should have a clear path towards taking action and a convenient way of contacting your service quickly.

Locksmith Lead Broker

When you buy leads from a broker, they are often shared leads. This means that at least one other locksmith is given the same lead.

Therefore, customers are less focused on your business and more focused on simply finding a locksmith.

Another problem with broker leads is that they provide zero brand development or longevity for your business. Instead, they feed the more powerful broker while your business wallows in relative anonymity. 

SEO for Locksmith

The very best leads come from Google SERPs. The best way to optimize your business for SERPs is through search engine optimization (SEO).

Serpmatic offers an AI tool for locksmith SEO in 2024. You can contact us to learn more.

Everything discussed previously can be optimized with locksmith SEO. From the local map pack to featured snippets, the potential of SEO is great for your business.

The best part is its longevity, which makes its potential ROI much more appealing than that of other strategies. 

Best Locksmith Websites

SEO works best when you have a high-quality website. The best locksmith websites are easily accessible through mobile and include a call to action (CTA).

You should have your company name, address, and phone number displayed prominently throughout the website.

Typically, your address will be in the footer, while your company name and phone number will be dispersed throughout several areas of the site, most notably your homepage header. 

Bonus Lead Generation Tips for Locksmiths

We’ve outlined some of the most basic methods to get new locksmith prospects, but we’ve been holding back some of the most innovative strategies.

Below, we will go into detail about three cutting-edge lead generation tactics for locksmiths.

These tips are potent and may result in an influx of new calls, form submissions, and customers in 2024.

1) Topical Authority

Content is a weapon for online marketing. The more content you can produce about your industry, the more keywords you can rank for on Google. Consider using AI software from Serpmatic to assist with the process.

You can also use tools like SEO Surfer to optimize the content for keyword density, similarity, and word count.

Write at least 20 articles about locksmith topics, but make sure they all cover slightly different topics.

2) Link Building

Links are still the basis of the algorithm when it comes to competitive terms. If you are trying to rank for a highly competitive term, you are going to need backlinks from credible 3rd party websites.

Think about link building like you would offline networking. Do you have any friends that are business owners? Do they have a website?

These are relationships that should manifest themselves online, just as they are in the real world.

3) Brand Signals

Try starting a podcast or YouTube channel to expand your brand awareness. Everyone has a Facebook Business Page these days, but not as many have multimedia content to share.

You must separate yourself in the eyes of your consumers and the Google algorithm. The best way to do so is to garner engagement from video and audio content.

Furthermore, publishing your podcast on Apple and Spotify builds valuable nofollow links.

Looking Forward to Locksmith Leads

Advertising has been proven to work when properly implemented, but it does end up costing quite a bit of money to maintain. Every business owner should do what works best for them.

AI-assisted SEO is the best way to get leads in 2024.

Sometimes, it helps to review all potential strategies prior to making a final decision.