Junk Removal Leads: How to Generate Exclusive Leads in 2022

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Junk Removal Leads: How to Generate Exclusive Leads in 2022

Junk Removal Leads

What are Junk Removal Leads?

Junk removal leads are prospects who show interest in your junk removal services through various opt-ins including online form submissions, email deliveries, and phone calls or messages. Depending on your lead generation strategy a prospect may contact your business through a 3rd party leads platform which requires you to pay that platform a fee. Alternatively, exclusive leads come through your own branded online presence like Google My Business, company website, and other branded promotional content.

How Junk Removal Lead Generation Has Changed in 2022

Junk removal leads were once a product of Yellow Pages, Newspaper ads, and yard signs. Today, in 2022, junk removal leads come primarily through online platforms. The most successful JR companies get leads through Google Search, Google Ads, Google My Business, and social media. Of course, as your company grows, you can also get leads through more traditional sources like word of mouth and truck wraps. It’s critical, however, to first establish your business online.

How To Generate Junk Removal Leads

To generate junk removal leads in 2022, you’ll need a GMB listing, a company website, and multiple citation sources, at minimum. Of course, more advanced strategies help you produce more leads. But starting with the basics is great for new junk removal businesses. Depending on your location and demand, you might get business from a basic online presence, if properly executed.

Google My Business Listing

Google My Business listings are free which makes them the most logical first-step for junk removal corporations. Simply visit https://www.google.com/business/ to create or claim your business listing. If you haven’t created a Google account (Gmail) you will need to do so. Since most junk removal companies are brick and mortar businesses, you will create a service-area business that hides your address from the public. Still, you will have to verify your address through postcard verification to prove the legitimacy of your business.

Company Website

Even with your free GMB listing set up, you’ll need a junk removal website. Google My Business listings keep a spot for your website URL, and through they offer a free Google Site, it doesn’t help your listing at all. Instead, a real company website hosted on a platform like SiteGround ensures that people take your business seriously. Additionally, as your site acquires more natural links, your GMB listing gets a boost by proxy. In addition to a hosing account, you’ll need to purchase a domain name that should showcase some combination of your businesses’ name, location, and industry, if possible.

NAP Citations

The best way to get your website more authority is by creating online citations. These are listings on platforms like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Angie’s List which send nofollow links from those websites to yours. While nofollow links don’t count the same as a follow link, they do help prove the legitimacy of your business. Sometimes a consumer may find you directly on a 3rd party citation platform, but the true benefit comes through building authority with links and citations.

Buy Junk Removal Leads

Some business owners lack patience in which case they may prefer to buy junk removal leads rather than generate them. Buying 3rd party leads can be a nightmare for businesses but sometimes people don’t care. For example, most lead brokers sell shared leads which means the same prospect gets calls from multiple junk removal companies. Essentially, you end up fighting off competitors for the same client, which lowers your conversion rates and discourages repeat business. Instead of the consumer coming back to your business, next time, they simply go back to the lead broker.

You can pay per click for Google Ads which works faster than SEO. In a way, PPC ads are buying leads, since you pay for every person visiting your landing page. You can also set up Google Ads for pay per call which creates ads with phone number links so that whoever clicks it, calls your office line. Leads from PPC ads are often less reliable than those coming from SEO since the user’s prefer companies who can rank on their own. Furthermore, your leads may not convert unless you have a strong reputation on Google My Business and other review platforms.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads make sense for creative junk removal businesses who want to capture leads on social media. Facebook provides various ad types and goals so that your company can choose the most ideal option. When it comes to lead generation for junk removal, Facebook Lead Ads are your best option. The platform creates pre-filled forms for users who click your ad so that they don’t drop-off when trying to type their name and address on a mobile device. You can integrate your CRM with Facebook Lead Ads so that those prospects go directly into your standard system.

Lead Sellers

For business owners who want to expand zero effort, lead seller platforms are the easiest. Again, you are going to get the worst kinds of leads with low conversion rates and low long-term ROI, but it does serve its purpose. You can simply call up one of these providers and ask them for junk removal leads. You will pay a fixed price for the lead, which may or may not convert at the end of the day. It might be a decent short-term strategy, but ultimately it doesn’t help grow your business in 2022.

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