Ice Cream Truck SEO Guide (Rank Locally)

Optimize Your Local Business

Ice Cream Truck SEO Guide (Rank Locally)

Ice Cream Truck SEO

Being an ice cream man or woman can be a thankless job. You drive around in the heat all day looking for groups to sell ice cream too. Once you arrive at a venue like a baseball field or a camp, you get bombarded with sales. But these events can be few and far between . What if there was a better way to market your ice cream truck business and capitalize on its success?

What is Ice Cream Truck SEO?

Ice cream truck SEO is the process of optimizing your ice cream truck business online for the purpose of increasing trust and expanding brand awareness. By following this step-by-step guide, you can dominate your local market for ice cream trucks.

Local SEO Techniques

Claiming Your Google My Business Listing

The first thing we recommend to all small business owners is to claim your GMB listing. This can be done for free by visiting If your business is already listed, you will have to claim and verify the listing through a postcard verification. If your listing does not yet exist, you will have to input your business information, and then verify it afterward. 

Generating Reviews for Your GMB Listing

Since ice cream trucks sell to minors, they need to establish a credible reputation through reviews. The best way to achieve reputation boosts is through online reviews. Once you serve a customer, consider asking them to leave a review on your GMB page. You can make this easier by providing direct links to your review profile through your website. This way, it is easy to do.

Showing Up on Google Local Map Pack

When you search for ice cream truck near me or ice cream catering near me, you will see a pack of 3 local businesses on Google search results. These businesses are chosen by Google based on proximity, relevance, and reputation. You can appear in that pack in your local area if you optimize your GMB page and solicit legitimate reviews from satisfied customers.

General SEO Techniques

Creating Your Ice Cream Truck Website

To really dominate in your local area, you will need a website. You can buy a domain name and hosting using a service like SiteGround or GoDaddy and then perform a 1-click WordPress installation. From there, you can download a WordPress theme and publish it on your live site. Yes, in 2020, creating a website is that simple. Hiring a professional web designer is also an option if you want more advanced features, especially those that are customized.

Creating Content for Your Ice Cream Truck Website

With WordPress, you can create pages or posts as content. Your pages will be for primary services, like ice cream catering, or shopping (if you sell branded materials). The posts will be for blog content that helps get your website ranking on Google. You should use free keyword research tools like UberSuggest to find ice cream related topics with high keyword volume and write about them in an informative blog post. As is the case with web designers, you can also hire pro writers.

Optimizing Your Ice Cream Website for Google Search Engine

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand. To rank for the best keywords, you need to write about them in pages and posts. But SEO goes a step beyond the writing itself. On-Page optimization involves strategic placement of keywords in title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, and even image alt tags. You need to use the keywords on their corresponding pages in all these areas. Be sure not to overuse the word in the content itself, or you could be flagged as spam.

Other Benefits of Ice Cream Man SEO

Ice cream women and men can benefit from SEO in more ways than one. Not only does it increase conversion rates because of reputation boosting but it also helps build a long-term brand and create a controllable business asset. We understand that being an ice cream vendor may not be your full-time job but it can be very profitable if it is branded online. You can begin to leverage your online presence to expand beyond simply selling ice cream at events.


You can start selling t-shirts and other materials on your website which coincide with your image. For example, if you sell ice cream t-shirts with your logo, people might buy them after using you as a vendor. It creates another stream of income that can help increase profits for your ice cream business and perhaps expand to other areas that you may not have considered.

Growth & Expansion

Perhaps your ice cream truck becomes an ice cream shop at some point. Maybe it then becomes a franchise and a major profit generator for you and your family. The possibilities are great when you create a controllable online asset. SEO is often thought about from a basic perspective. When you use innovation in growing your web presence, anything is possible.


Ultimately, SEO for ice cream truckers is about reputation. In a competitive environment, those who establish their reputation will prevail. With technology today, people can easily search for your brand before they approach your truck. If they see good reviews, they are more likely to buy ice cream from you. If they see horrible reviews, there’s a chance they will reconsider.

Why Should You Listen to Serpmatic?

You should not do anything you don’t want to do. If you think the guide is trash, you have every right to exit the site and never return. If you would like to utilize the strategies on this guide for yourself, please go ahead and do so. The goal of Serpmatic is to help small businesses thrive in their local marketplace. Ice cream truck SEO is a chance to accomplish great things in 2020.