Handyman Leads: How To Get Them in 2022

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Handyman Leads: How To Get Them in 2022

Handyman Leads

Have you ever wondered how to get handyman leads online in 2022? Serpmatic aims to help small businesses maximize their online lead generation using tested and proven strategies. In our experience, the best leads are generated through search engine optimization (SEO). With that being said, there are several other methods you can use to get more handyman leads.

How to Get Leads for Handyman

Handymen can purchase leads from a 3rd party broker, capture them through lead sites like thumbtack, or generate them on their own through SEO. If you want to buy handyman leads, you can search Google for “buy handyman leads” and check out the different brokers who are selling them. You can also check out 3rd parties like thumbtack. Always look at reviews first.

What Are Exclusive Handyman Leads?

Most brokers sell shared leads which means you fight over the potential customer with other handymen. If you want exclusive leads — which are consumers who have shown interest specifically in your brand and its services — you will need to invest in online branding strategies, including the aforementioned search engine optimization. Exclusive leads convert better overall.

The Value of Handyman Service Leads

Not all leads hold equal value. As we described, exclusive leads convert at a higher rate, making them more valuable from a profit standpoint alone. But value goes beyond initial profit. Leads generated through SEO tend to have a greater long-term impact on your business. SEO leads typically foster repeat customers along with qualified referrals, both of which boost branding.

The Best Way to Get Handyman Work in 2022

The handyman industry is sometimes looked upon as a jack of all trades space. Very seldom do the masses consider handymen to be brands. But you can change that by investing in digital marketing services (either free or paid). Getting handyman work is a lot easier when people find your business online, especially nearby consumers looking in Google’s Local 3 Pack on mobile.

Marketing Different Types of Handyman Jobs

A handyman job can have a wide range, more so than other service industries that typically focus on one niche. A handyman might look for carpentry leads, concrete job leads, construction job leads, electrical job leads, remodeling leads, and many more variations of work leads . The best way to market for each is to create a specific web page for every category.

The Best Handyman Sites

Quality handyman sites have strong web design, quality content, and mobile optimization. They also have on-page SEO and cater to user experience and conversion rate optimization. Traffic is great, but converting that traffic into phone calls and emails requires a greater understanding of digital marketing. You should focus on custom photos and calls to action (CTA) on your site.

Serpmatic SEO Recommendations

At Serpmatic we recommend an integrated SEO strategy that consists of a custom website, SEO, and content marketing. We also encourage the implementation of social media content (specifically YouTube). SEO can be done for free for newer businesses and can also warrant a significant financial investment for growing ones. For those just starting, we recommend claiming your Google My Business profile by visiting google.com/business. Feel free to contact us for additional recommendations.