17 Awesome Methods to Generate Roofing Leads in 2022

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17 Awesome Methods to Generate Roofing Leads in 2022

Roofing Lead Generation

Generating qualified roofing leads is a monumental challenge for roofing businesses in 2022. It can be a regular battle involving A/B testing and throwing stuff against a wall if it sticks.

The roofing industry is different than other industries because there are not enough skilled professionals to meet the demand for the service. Getting qualified leads sparks new business opportunities for commercial and residential contractors. Let’s review 17 exciting ways to get leads for your roofing company.

What are Leads?

A lead is a prospective customer of your service who shows interest by submitting contact information. Companies can get leads through marketing, advertising, in-person meetings, networking, and direct mail, among other things. For most businesses, lead generation serves as a foundational element. However, there are various ways to get more leads in 2022.

Lead Types and Variations

Methods have changed over time, and some channels have less impact while others have gained importance. Nevertheless, successful business owners stay attuned to the latest techniques to ensure a consistent lead generation stream. Generally, B2B and B2C leads stand for business to business and business to consumer, respectively. These two acronyms represent the two most basic types of leads in 2022. B2B leads are the most expensive because they typically involve commercial roofing projects, which bring in more money for roofing companies. In addition, residential homeowners (B2C) are less likely to deal with roof repairs regularly, while commercial business owners (B2B) constantly attend to maintenance.

Check out 17 Methods of Lead Generation for Roofing Companies

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While some have claimed SEO is a dying industry, research proves that SEO is more impactful than it’s ever been in 2022. Local SEO is an excellent way to reach prospects with interesting content who may then submit contact information and become leads. 

Generally, SEO consists of technical optimization, content, and link building, all of which a reputable agency can handle on behalf of a roofing company. Various factors contribute to rankings when performing SEO locally, as you can see from this research study.

The good news is that most of your local SEO comes from Google My Business, which is a free listing that Google provides to all business owners. In addition, Google provides materials about representing your business on their platform.

Once you claim and optimize your GMB listing, you can move on to other SEO tasks like content marketing, link building, and reputation management. Check out some of the resources below to gain more knowledge about the subject:

SEO for Roofers Example

2) Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are an increasingly popular method for lead generation. Roofers with the proper Facebook Advertising strategy can yield a substantial ROI from campaigns. 

Ad campaigns on Facebook can also feature Instagram ads, as Facebook owns the popular social media platform. Using automated technology, Facebook converts your ad specifications for optimal Instagram usage. Appearing on Facebook and Instagram exposes your business to a pool of nearly 4 billion users.

Since 2015, Facebook has made the lead generation process even more user-friendly with Facebook Lead Ads. These specialized ad types pre-fill forms with user’s contact information to make opting-in more convenient, thus increasing conversions. To learn more about Facebook Lead Ads, check out the following resources:

3) Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is an advertising method that allows businesses to pay for clicks to their website or landing page to generate leads. For example, Google Ads, Google’s PPC platform, places ads on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) above traditional organic results. 

Despite increasing costs per click, PPC remains an effective lead generation tactic for businesses. Unlike other strategies on this list, properly managed PPC campaigns can yield results within one week. 

Commercial and residential roofers can generate leads using PPC on Google Ads and Bing Ads, respectively. But, first, let’s take a look at some Pay-Per-Click statistics that highlight its value for business owners:

4) Content Marketing

Publishing valuable and authoritative content is a great way to increase engagement and ultimately generate leads. The great thing about content marketing is distributing your content on various platforms, including a website, social media platform, and via email. 

While valuable content helps create new customers, thin and low-quality content can have the opposite impact. For example, websites that publish poorly-written blogs may hinder their SEO efforts and decrease search rankings. Therefore, it’s critical to invest in high-quality content that users will engage with eagerly.

Remember, content includes more than just text and can also denote videos, images, and other visually-driven pieces. YouTube, for example, is a great place to market your roofing company and potentially generate new customers. Check out some content marketing tips below:

5) Direct Mail

Snail mail is another traditional lead generation method that remains effective in 2022. Over the past ten years, residents are receiving far less mail in their regular mailbox than in their email inboxes. As a result, people are more likely to consume a piece of direct mail than an email, which they will tune out instinctively. 

On average, direct mail produces a cost per lead of around $50 for standard mailing lists and $55 for postcards. Of course, those numbers are dependent on the roofing company understanding the basics of direct mailer campaigns before investing resources. Check out these helpful resources to get you started:

6) Canvassing

Canvassing is a traditional lead-gen method that remains effective in 2022. However, face-to-face meetings can speed up the sales cycle, especially after major storms. Keep this in mind when canvassing after storms:

  • Stay Alert (People are Not Happy)
  • Define Goals: Appointments, Contacts, Sales
  • Prepare a Sales Script
  • Perform Follow-Up Actions

7) Email Marketing

Though direct mail reaches more eyes, email marketing targets more people more quickly. While roofers can’t rely on email campaigns as their sole lead generation technique, statistics show that email marketing returns $42 for $1 spent. But, of course, the ROI goes down for companies who fail to invest in additional marketing platforms like Google.

Still, it’s surprising how many roofing companies fail to bother with email marketing, especially as technology has made it easier to send email blasts. Building an email list is simple with modern applications, and businesses can increase open rates by crafting personalized content.

Perhaps most importantly, email is an excellent forum to follow up with prospects. Research indicates that businesses who send email follow-up increase conversions by nearly 75%. Check out some additional email marketing resources below:

8) Networking / Partnerships

Roofing companies can benefit from strategic partnerships with other companies, especially with extensive consumer base access. For example, roofing suppliers are typically a great company to network with because they have connections with commercial businesses and other roofers.

Additionally, well-known suppliers have an established brand that can appeal to a larger audience in general. The idea of networking with other industry powerhouses is not new for the roofing industry, but it remains effective in 2022.

Check out some of these resources to learn more about networking:

9) Tech Apps (Storm Chasing, Canvassing, Etc.)

Take advantage of new technology by investing in worthwhile apps for lead generation. For example, storm tracker apps can notify contractors every time a storm hits one of their service areas. Most residential homeowners don’t think about repairs until leaks occur, making immediate response critical after the storm.

Storm trackers aren’t the only types of apps that can help companies gain more customers. Canvassing apps like Acculynx and GiddyUp can help roofers find prospective customers and make the sales pitch easier with built-in measurement tools and automated sales proposals.

Check Out Some of The Best Apps Available:

  • Acculynx
  • GiddyUp
  • JobNimbus

10) Digital Word of Mouth

Traditional word-of-mouth relies on in-person conversations between friends, families, and neighbors. However, an increasing amount of word-of-mouth lead generation is happening in online forums like NextDoor. Digital communities for neighborhoods serve the same purpose as traditional conversations, as they can recommend home service providers to other neighbors.

Nextdoor, for example, approximates a real community by basing its groups on proximity. Thus, new users can only access localized zones based on their location data. As a result, no outsiders can infiltrate the community, thus preventing unworthy solicitations.

As is the case with real-life close-knit communities, the trust among Nextdoor users and other platforms like it is high. Additionally, recommendations account for 33% of all conversations. Businesses can take advantage by signing up for a Nextdoor Business Page to publish posts and engage in community conversations. 

To learn more about digital word of mouth, check out these pages:

Nextdoor Screenshot

11) Trade Association Shows

Roofing companies have various opportunities to attend industry trade shows throughout the year. While companies primarily network with other businesses at these shows, the potential partnerships can generate leads down the road. 

The key to standing out at trade shows is to offer something of value to attendees. For example, if everyone who stops at your booth receives a tangible item in exchange for their contact information, you can follow up using other techniques from this list.

Follow-ups are critical because most trade shows sales happen weeks and months after the event takes place. For example, let’s say your company spends $10,000 to attend the show, and you end up with a lifetime customer value of near $75,000. That’s a $65,000 profit for companies who maximize their strategy.

Check out some of the most popular trade shows for roofing:

12) Local Events (COC, Meetups, etc.)

Trade show networking gets national industry giants in the same room, but local events can connect your business with other local companies and even potential consumers. Consider attending a local Chamber of Commerce event or finding industry-related Meetup groups. 

One way to generate leads from local events is to introduce yourself to logical referral partners like land developers, real estate agents, and property managers. These types of contacts can flip you high-quality leads based on your business relationship and vice versa.

Take a look at some of the best places to network locally:

13) Reputation Platforms (Review Websites)

With more than 85% of consumers now relying on online reviews as much as personal recommendations, a roofing company’s online reputation can influence its lead generation. Platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor are among the most commonly viewed platforms for roofing consumers.

While it violates most guidelines to incentivize customer reviews, businesses can increase the frequency and likelihood of feedback with automated tools like Podium, BirdEye, and GatherUp. In addition, studies show an aggregate review rating between 4.2 and 4.5 tends to be most trusted by online users, who typically doubt the legitimacy of perfect 5-star ratings.

For more help managing your online reputation, check out these resources:

14) Online Directories

Directories like HomeAdvisor, Angi, and Thumbtack can help roofers generate leads and frustrate business owners. For example, HomeAdvisor produces leads but shares them with various contractors in the service area. As a result, the leads from these directories are less than ideal.

While directory leads don’t keep business owners salivating, they do get the job done in many cases. Furthermore, securing citations in each of these directories can create even more opportunities to generate leads. 

For instance, most of these directories rank on Google with pages like Top 10 Roofing Companies in Seattle, WA. If your company is one of the top listings, a prospect may call your service directly. Check out some of the best directories below:

  • Angi
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Thumbtack

15) Telemarketing

Telemarketing is an old-school marketing tactic that has grown increasingly controversial over the past decade. However, with new regulations passing to limit spam calls, the public sentiment towards telephone marketing is at an all-time low.

Still, despite its negative connotation, telemarketing remains an effective strategy for lead generation in 2022, as nearly 70% of buyers answered at least one sales call this year. Moreover, you don’t have to face rejection yourself as you can have telemarketing companies set up appointments on your behalf. 

To maximize your telemarketing efforts, consider the resources below:

16) Develop Software

Instead of using software apps from other companies, invest in creating your own app, which you can promote through app stores on Apple and Google. Not only will you establish your roofing brand in the tech space, but you’ll also create scarcity for your services.

While competitors utilize well-known apps like Acculynx, they get no branding benefit from using such tools. Consumers who learn of your app may be more likely to hire your company over others, as they feel you can offer something rare and unique.

Most roofing contractors don’t develop software on the side, making finding the right developer a critical task. You can use resources like TopTotal to identify candidates that meet your criteria. 

To avoid pitfalls, remember the following:

  • Make Sure Your Vision Aligns With Candidates
  • Set a Baseline Salary Before Seeking a Developer
  • Ensure You Own the Coding and Branding for Your App

17) Customer Referral Networks

While partnering with other service providers can help generate leads, creating a customer referral network can make a similar impact. For example, consider offering bonuses to customers who refer your company to a friend or neighbor. 

Getting customer referrals as a supplement to other marketing methods can help your brand name spread like wildfire. In addition, each new customer provides another possible review on Google, Facebook, or elsewhere, further increasing the customer’s lifetime value.

Any chance you have of supplementing your primary lead sources with additional prospects is worth fighting for in 2022. You can check out some more materials on this subject below:


In summary, choosing the suitable medium that works best for your business requires further knowledge of the subject. Therefore, we recommend further reading on each platform you wish to pursue in 2022. Once you become an expert on various options, you can make the best business decision in the future.

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