SEO for Event Planners (The Ultimate Guide)

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SEO for Event Planners (The Ultimate Guide)

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SEO for event planners can generate more leads for your event planning business in 2023. Unlike other promotional platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, organic search produces sustainable, low-cost leads. Of course, you can only benefit from organic search if you rank on page one for various keywords.

What is Event Planner SEO?

SEO for event planners in the process of ranking your event planning company website on Google search for various keywords. Your goal is to rank on Google Maps, the Google Map 3-Pack, and Google Search. You should also aim to rank in the Google Video Pack, which typically pulls video content from YouTube.

SEO Components for Event Planners

SEO can be as complicated or as simple as you make it. At Serpmatic, we aim to simplify the process for local business owners. We break down the SEO components needed to increase online visibility using SEO. The following components will help you better understand how to improve your standing on Google.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the fastest way to rank organically on Google. You create a Google Business Profile by visiting and following the on-screen steps. Once you verify your address via postcard, your listing is eligible to rank on Google Maps and the Google Map 3-Pack for relevant queries. Of course, you’ll want to ask customers for reviews and optimize your profile with unique business photos.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO occurs on your business website. If you don’t already have a business website, you must purchase a domain name, hosting, and a WordPress theme. Once you set up WordPress, you can begin to implement on-page SEO. Try downloading a WordPress SEO plugin like RankMath to help you optimize each of your website pages. RankMath allows you to target a specific keyword and other keyphrases.

Off-Page SEO

After optimizing your website pages, you must build off-page signals through backlinks and citations. You can claim your business on many directories like Yelp, BBB, and Houzz. You can also earn backlinks bu publishing high-quality blog posts about event planning and sharing them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is one of the most overlooked components of SEO, as it involves Google’s ability to crawl and index your URLs. As you might imagine, websites that cannot be indexed cannot rank on Google. As a result, it’s essential to make crawling easy on your event planning website. You can create an XML sitemap and upload it to Google Search Console. Other technical SEO components include site speed, navigation, and user experience.

Tips to Enhance SEO for Event Planners

Now that you understand the main pillars of SEO, it’s time to learn more specific tips to maximize your website visibility on Google Search. Below, Serpmatic outlines several practical SEO tips for event planners in 2023. Utilize these tips to increase rankings, traffic, and perhaps lead generation in 2023.

Perform Modern Keyword Research

Many keyword research techniques used by businesses in 2023 are obsolete. For example, simply measuring search volume for your target keywords won’t help you rank on Google. Instead, you need to measure search intent. You can invest in a keyword research tool like Serpmatic to help you categorize keywords by user intent, keyword difficulty, and traffic opportunity.

Create Helpful Content

Google’s August Helpful Content Update targets websites producing unhelpful content, especially those generated with AI GPT3 tools. While Google DOES NOT specially mention any of that software, they do allude to their preference of content created BY HUMANS FOR HUMANS. As a result, it’s wise to have a strict editing process for your website content, including blog posts, articles, and service pages.

Foster a Positive User Experience

Users’ on-site behavior goes a long way toward assigning value to your website. For instance, if a user leaves your site right after entering, you probably have issues with your site’s user experience. Either your title tag was misleading, which prompted the user to enter your site under false pretenses, or your site’s navigation and usability were so bad that the user didn’t want to bother reading through the page.

Ensure your website speed is fast using PageSpeed insights from Google. Next, install Google Analytics tracking code within your website HTML so you can measure users’ on-site behavior. If you find that users are leaving your site quickly, try diagnosing any UX problems that might be contributing to the negative metrics.

Synergize SEO With Multi-Channel Marketing

We noted previously that Google pulls information from other platforms like YouTube. As a result, it’s wise to invest in multi-channel marketing to maximize your SEO campaign. For instance, create an informative YouTube video about event planning services. Optimize the video title and description before uploading it to your official YouTube channel. You now have a chance to rank on Google with that video.

Final Thoughts on SEO for Event Planners

SEO for event planners isn’t rocket science in 2023. You really just need a website, Google Business Profile, and YouTube channel to rank for competitive keywords. Using the above strategies, you can start ranking for various event planning keywords on Google Search in 2023. Remember that Google’s algorithm constantly evolves, so be sure to check back with this guide for the latest updates.