CBD SEO Guide 2022 (Boost Search Rankings)

Optimize Your Local Business

CBD SEO Guide 2022 (Boost Search Rankings)


Today at Serpmatic, we are going to teach you how to get started with CBD SEO.

Here’s the thing; CBD is a booming business. It is new and lots of people are seeing it as an outstanding business opportunity.

Athletes and other celebrities are already joining the movement in hopes of profiting off the oil.

But CBD also exists to help people. Whether it’s to manage physical or emotional pain or simply to relax more in an increasingly anxiety-provoking society.

We are NOT here to discuss the health benefits of CBD or potential risks.

Instead, this guide is aimed specifically at CBD businesses that are trying to optimize for Google search.

Here are the 5 basic aspects of CBD SEO:

  1. Google My Business
  2. Content Creation / Marketing
  3. Organic Search Optimization
  4. Trust Signals
  5. E-Commerce 

Google My Business for CBD Oil Sellers

When consumers consider where they want to buy CBD oil, it is highly likely they consult with the internet. The most obvious example of this is when someone drives by a CBD shop and searches the name of the company on their mobile device. If the business is properly optimized, the first result will be their Google My Business listing. On that listing are the following:

  • Contact Information
  • Customer Reviews
  • Company Photos
  • Google Posts (Optional)

The chances of that person doing business with you often depends on the quality of that information. For example, accurate contact information goes a long way in establishing a line of communication and instilling trust. The presence of reviews, especially positive ones, shows that your business has been legitimized by other consumers. Company photos reveal that your staff members are real people and Google Posts showcase your content and running promotions.

Google My Business Snippet

Organic SEO for CBD Businesses

When a user already knows your brand name, their search is far more targeted and Google knows that you should be displayed first. But for more general queries like cbd oil near me, the process of ranking on search is more complex and far more competitive. To rank for general keyword terms you need to implement organic search optimization, which consists of the following:

  • Keyword Placement
  • Meta Description
  • Title Tag
  • URL Slug

You can have the best CBD company in your area, and still not appear for general queries, simply because you failed to optimize your website. Writing out an informative title tag and meta description is the first step in optimizing a page for a keyword. From there, you need to place keywords naturally within your content (along with LSI terms). Finally, your URL slug should be short, concise, and include the target keyword.

CBD Oil Near Me Google Search

Content Creation & Marketing for CBD Companies

Content is king was a phrase thrown out in the SEO community and it’s not without merits. However, content alone will not be enough to rank you on Google. To really give your pages the best chance to rank, you need to market content in a deliberate and intelligent manner. The first step is to write content based on what your user’s needs are, which is ultimately why Google exists in the first place. Consider these aspects of content marketing:

  • Distribution / Sharing
  • Syndication
  • User Intent / Needs
  • Value

Content is only as valuable to those who consume it. For that to be true of your content, it must be distributed through all possible channels, meaning not just Google but also social media, email marketing, and other avenues. You should also syndicate quality blog posts on 3rd party platforms like Medium to showcase content to a larger audience. Your content should focus on your target user’s needs and intentions while providing legitimate value to them in solving a problem.

CBD Social Share

Trust Signals for CBD Websites

A well-known CBD entity is going to outrank a lesser-known one when all things are equal. Why? Because Google trusts them more, and quite honestly; they should. Google has recently heightened its focus on E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness), especially when it involves health-related products (like CBD). They want to point consumers in a direction that leads to a safe and desirable outcome. Here are some of the trust signals people consider:

  • Mentions
  • Links
  • Reviews
  • Social Proof

It is believed that many E-A-T signals originate from external sources. For example, if a credible newspaper mentions your brand as a quality CBD provider, search engines are more likely to lend credence to your name. The same can be true of links from quality websites, and reviews from customers, whether on GMB or elsewhere. As for on-site reputation, you can showcase your reviews using a 3rd party plugin and explain your background on the About Us page.

Google Reviews Snippet

E-Commerce for CBD Businesses

Some businesses will sell in-store only, but many will also sell online, or even sell online exclusively. It is best to consult with an e-commerce SEO expert about this subject, which you can do by reading the 2019 CBD Seller’s Guide from BigCommerce.


Some of the top cbd keywords for transactional pages include cbd oil near me, pure cbd oil, cbd hemp oil, organic cbd oil, etc. For informational pages and posts, some of the highest volume keywords include what is cbd oil, cbd oil benefits, and cbd questions answered.

Write content that targets the user and their intent. For example, if several of your consumers are looking for information about the pros and cons of CBD oil, consider writing a detailed post about the benefits and disadvantages. Because it lies within the health niche, it is vital that the post is written by a reputable source.

SEO marketing simply means promotion through search engine optimization. It differs from paid advertising in that it does not cost money to execute, though you will still need to spend upfront on a website and hosting package in order to really make your imprint on the web.