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Optimize Your Local Business

Content Marketing for Contractors (Article Cover)

7 (Awesome) Content Marketing Ideas for Contractors in 2022

Content marketing for contractorsĀ is misunderstood by business owners and marketing agencies. As a result, content writing is often baked into marketing service plans without truly identifying the content’s value and impact on lead generation. As a result, contractors tend to pay a premium for subpar content that fails to deliver new customers. What is Content…
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Roofing Lead Generation

17 Awesome Methods to Generate Roofing Leads in 2022

Generating qualified roofing leads is a monumental challenge for roofing businesses in 2022. It can be a regular battle involving A/B testing and throwing stuff against a wall if it sticks. The roofing industry is different than other industries because there are not enough skilled professionals to meet the demand for the service. Getting qualified…
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Pest Control SEM Tactics

6 SEM Tactics for Pest Control Companies in 2022

SEM or Search Engine Marketing promotes a business through search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. For pest control companies, there are various options to appear prominently on these search engines. But which ones should contractors invest their resources in for 2022? At Serpmatic, we understand that digital marketing can be overwhelming for business owners,…
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