Birthday Clown SEO Guide (For Local Clowns)

Optimize Your Local Business

Birthday Clown SEO Guide (For Local Clowns)

Birthday Clown SEO

Birthday clowns hoping to get more bookings can use search engine optimization (SEO). The goal of SEO is to rank your website or other web property higher on Google search results.

As your business ranks higher, it generates more clicks and leads. The best part about SEO is that it does not cost money to rank. An optimized web presence can deliver sustainable results.

Google My Business

A local birthday clown should start with a Google My Business page. You can sign up your business at The steps for clown GMBs are as follows:

Step 1: Sign in to Google (or create a new account)

Step 2: Add Your Business (click continue and follow steps)

Step 3: Verify Your Business (will receive a postcard in the mail)


Google uses its Maps technology to geo-fence your business into a specific location. For example, if you are located in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, your business location will not show up as Atlanta.

That does not mean you cannot get any business from the city, but it means you will have to work with content marketing to make sure you are exposed directly to the Atlanta city.

Review Generation

No GMB profile is complete without verified reviews. Your online reputation — and offline reputation is predicated on reviews.

The best way to get reviews on your Google My Business page is to ask customers to leave them.

You must make this process as convenient as possible by including a direct link to your GMB review prompt so the user can do it easily without stress.

Birthday Clown Website 

For birthday clown SEO to actually work, clowns will need an official business website.

Not only does it help optimize your Google My Business account, but it is where the crux of search engine optimization actually takes place.

Clowns and entertainers will need the following:


A hosting service to host your website. You can use GoDaddy, HostGator, Siteground, and other providers.

Hosting requires a monthly or annual fee, but you can choose the least expensive plan for your site. Most of them offer major discounts to first-time users.

Clowns can get their hosting plan for around $100 per year in the first year. By month 12, you should know if it works.


Most hosting services include a domain with your hosting signup. Go for a .com domain since it inspires the most trust, both for conversions and optimization.

Avoid using spam domains that look exploitative. An example of a spam domain is an exact match domain (EMD). Something like is an example of this.

You are better off naming your domain based on your business name. For example,


You need a way to add content to your website, and that is accomplished through a content management system (CMS).

The best CMS on the market is WordPress. You should install WordPress for free on your new domain. Most hosts allow users to perform a 1-click installation via the host’s cPanel. It will prompt you to set up a username and password for access.


Now that you have WordPress installed, you need a theme. You can search for free themes through the WordPress interface, or you can look to purchase one through other sources.

Performing a Google search for birthday clown WordPress theme should point you in the right direction. The other alternative is paying a web design company to create a custom design.


Since most clowns are not also web designers, they can use WordPress plugins to handle elements of their site.

For example, a contact form plugin allows users to contact your clown service conveniently from your homepage. 

Content Marketing

The magic of SEO for birthday clowns happens in content marketing. When you create a page or post in WordPress and publish it as a URL, it becomes indexed by search engines like Google. 

This is where you can create valuable and sustainable rankings on the Google SERPs.


Content pages are best for evergreen content like individual and specific services. Say, for example, one of your services is balloon-making. You can have a specific web page for balloons.

It would go under the URL — or something similar. In this example, you would also have a main services page at


Blog posts can have the furthest reach of any website content. This is because, with posts, you can target almost any topic related to your industry.

If something becomes popular quickly, like a certain type of clown performance — you can write a blog post about it.

Blog posts are more likely to be shared on social media than pages and, therefore, have a greater chance of going viral.

Tools & Resources

The best-kept secret in SEO is the complexity of content. When most think of content, they think of the written word. In reality, however, content includes any medium that can be consumed.

This can be everything from video to case studies to a free on-page calculator tool.

If you can provide answers to a common question or problem regarding clowns, you can generate clicks.

Technical SEO

One thing you cannot overlook is technical SEO. This is true because of Google’s prioritization of site speed and user experience. After all, you can have the most well-written blog posts and the best services, but if the user cannot properly or efficiently consume them, it is for nothing. 

Page Speed

Most users search Google on mobile devices and thus will find your website on a smartphone. This means your site should load quickly — meaning fast enough to keep the attention of a mobile user.

You can check your mobile site speed using this free Google tool and implement procedures that protect against lagging — such as image compression and clean codebase.

Schema Markup

Have you ever seen 5-star ratings underneath a search result? This is the result of schema markup. While things like star ratings can increase click-through rate (CTR), schema markup does even more to enhance your SEO.

Schema was developed to explain to search engines who you are, where you are from, and what you have to offer to users who search online.

URL Structure

URLs are part of content marketing, but also technical SEO. Users prefer to know where they are on a web page at any given moment.

You achieve this through a logical URL hierarchy. In the previous example, we showcased — the hierarchy is clear.

The top-level page is services, and underneath services is a lower-level page that describes a particular type of service. You can enhance structure even more with breadcrumbs.

Birthday Clown Lead Generation

SEO is great for birthday clown lead generation. The best leads come from organic search.

When someone finds your service organically, they are far more likely to convert to a customer than if they find you through an advertisement or learn of you via phone call or email. 

Call To Action (CTA)

To generate leads through SEO, your website needs a clear and convincing CTA. That means a phone number or email address present on your homepage (and other pages), along with additional forms and lead magnets.

The ideal lead is a phone call, but getting someone to submit their email address or subscribe to a newsletter gets them into your leads funnel. 

Lead Forms

Speaking of lead forms and magnets, you should work on placing them strategically throughout your website.  Contact forms should be very simple — nobody wants to submit a bunch of information to a clown.

Keep the fields short and simple. The most you should ask for is a first name, email, and comment. You can use this info later to start an email marketing campaign.


Once they are in your leads funnel, you can retarget them later. There are multiple ways to do this, both through email marketing and social media advertising.

When someone visits your website, their browser stores cookies that mark their visit. You can then use platforms like Facebook to advertise to them for a second and third time — knowing they’ve already shown prior interest. 

AI Software for Birthday Clowns

New AI software tools like ChatGPT and Gemini have paved the way for automated SEO for birthday clowns.

While these tools are impressive, it’s important to exercise caution when using them for SEO purposes.

Misusing AI software for your birthday clown website can cause it to drop in rankings or become de-indexed.

Take a look at some of the more specific components of AI software below:

AI for SEO Content

Having ChatGPT or other AI language models autogenerate your website content and blog posts is not an effective SEO strategy.

ChatGPT is unaware of current events, and its knowledge base is tied to its initial training data.

As a result, asking ChatGPT to autogenerate web content won’t help you rank on Google search.

There is a workaround, however, which is to input original and unique data (from your personal experience as a birthday clown) into ChatGPT first.

From there, you can have the tool write content that considers your original insights.

Serpmatic’s AI Marketing Tool for Birthday Clowns

Serpmatic offers an AI marketing tool for birthday clowns to help with SEO and digital marketing.

To learn more about their tool, contact us here.

Conclusion: SEO for Birthday Clowns

Organic SEO is pretty cool. If you are a clown — you can reap the rewards of optimization. Most clowns don’t really work on their websites, so there is a pretty good opportunity to corner the market.

If you follow the steps of this guide, you can probably achieve results pretty quickly. SEO is never a guarantee — simply because Google is in control at the end of the day.

But with the success other local businesses have had online, clowns have a real opportunity ahead.

  1. Claim Your Google My Business
  2. Generate Reviews
  3. Make Your Website
  4. Create Great Content
  5. Optimize for Mobile
  6. Generate Leads
  7. Purchase Serpmatic’s AI Tool

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